Scrobby Solar

Scrobby Solar

The robot to maintain your solar panels


The Scrobby Solar is completely autonomous and automatic. Its onboard rain sensor and cleaning schedule will determine the optimal cleaning moments.


Normally your solar panels will be cleaned multiple times each year. Of course this will happen during periods of rain, minimizing any losses during cleaning actions.


The Scrobby Solar only uses natural rain water and a specifically designed brush to perform it's cleaning.


Certain available chemicals can, of course, clean more agressively, but they also pose the risk of damaging your panels, home or garden. The Scrobby Solar was designed not to have these problems.


In contrast to other cleaning devices or services, the Scrobby Solar remains permanently on your roof.

Platform, zonnepaneel en dakpannen

So there is no need for you to make further arrangements for the cleaning of your solar panels.


Because the Scrobby Solar won't cost you thousands of euros, but only has a MSRP of only 350 euros, it will earn back its initial investment on short term.


For an average house mounted system this will take just about 2,5 to 3 years.


Using its self learning system and sensor network it can perform it's duties without anyone, be it you or a hired expert, climing your roof.

PCB with antenna

If you, in an unforseen circumstance, decide to want to access the device you can send a wireless command to have the device come down to you, so no reason to climb up to it's resting platform!